Free Usenet Access

I guess everyone of us came across websites or search engine results promising free usenet access.

Most of the time these are only trial offers, lasting 5 to 30 days, and need to be canceled or paid after the trial period. 


Almost every major usenet provider offers these trials for new customers, and an overview can be found here for example, but this article is about something else:


Completely free usenet access! 



Free usenet servers carrying all the binary groups are rare. I know of two providers giving you free access:


XSUsenet and Just4Today External link.


Of course there are some limitations for the free accounts, but hey: They are free, so don't complain!


At XSUsenet you need to register for an account. The login details are sent to you via email.


Just4Today External link does not require a signup of any sort, but, as you might have guessed from the name, login and password are only valid just for today. Tomorrow you have to get a new login from their website. Alternatively you can leave your email at the Just4Today External link homepage, and they will send you the current login every day.


The biggest limitation, those free usenet accounts have, is the speed and the number of simultaneous connections.


XSUsenet grants 2 simultaneous connections , with a combined topspeed of 1 MBit/s. The monthly bandwidth is now limited to 25GB per month!

Just4Today External link also allows 2 connections, but the speed limit fluctuates. While testing we got topspeeds of 4,5 MBit/s while the average speed is somewhat between 1,5 and 3 MBit/s.







Capped at 1 MBit/s.

Headerdownload can be uncapped

Topspeed while testing: 4,5 MBit/s

Average speed is between 1,5 and 3 MBit/s 


2 simultaneously / no more SSL

2 simultaneously / no SSL


stated: 10 days for free users

900+ for premium users

stated: 10+

In our test, articles 700 days old could be grabbed, after that some incompletes occured.

Server XSUsenet uses the XSNews External link newsgroups servers in Holland. Just4Today uses Xennews External link usenet servers
Serveraddress / use instead


So if you don't care that the downloading takes a little longer, or your broadband connection isn't faster than 4-5 MBit/s there is no need to pay for usenet access.


For everyone who want's more speed, more connections or doesn't want to grab a new login every day, get a premium account from Giganews or Newshosting


Always remeber: If you like these free offers, consider buying a premium account from XSUsenet or Just4Today to support them!


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