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If you are familiar with usenet, you surely have heard the name Giganews.

Giganews runs their usenetservice since 1994 and has always been known for:

  • the longest retention
  • the best completion
  • fast speeds

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In the long time i've been around the usenet, i never came across a person who was not satisfied with his or her Giganews account.

When you look at the Giganews priceplans, you might think that they are a little overpriced, but believe me, you get so much more than just usenet access!


Let's have a look at the Giganews Diamond plan.

In addition to usenet access you also get:

Not so expensive anymore right? If you are not convinced yet, Giganews will offer you a free 14 day trial and 50% off for the first three months!!


In addition to that, they also have real fast support with a friendly support staff - not that you would need to contact them often, because i can not remember any Giganews outage.


The Giganews Diamond Plan offers you:

  • RetentionDays Retention
  • 99,9% Completion
  • uncensored newsgroups
  • up to 50 SSL encrypted connections
  • Usenet Server farms in North America, Europe and Asia
  • 30 GB free Dump Truck online storage
  • 24/7 Support
  • just $29.99 (50% off first three months!) a month

But Giganews has more than one pricplan. If you don't need VyprVPN and the mimo newsreader you can signup for Giganews Platinum, which offers you:

  • unlimited usenet downloads
  • 20 SSL encrypted connections
  • uncensored newsgroups
  • Usenet Server farms in North America, Europe and Asia
  • 5 GB free Dump Truck online storage
  • Mimo Newsreader
  • VyprVPN Basic
  • just $19.99 a month

So what are you waiting for? Sign up with Giganews today to start your free 14 day trial and save 50% for the first three months!

  • Server - Information...


General Server:

General Server:

EU Server:

Ports: 119, 23, or 80

SSLPorts: 563 & 443

SSL and non-SSL Serveradresses are identical.

More info:

SSL Upload : Yes

X-Trace in Header: Yes


Giganews Special Offer


Best yearly offer yearly special

Only offers such a high quality at such a low price!

Usenet offer of the Month

Newshosting $9.99 special

Unlimited usenet & a free newsreader for only $9.99?

That's Newshosting! 

Best All-in-one offer

Giganews Best all-in-one offer

World's best Usenet with VyprVPN, MiMo & DumpTruck

only $14.99 the first 3 months!

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