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Easynews Special offer

Have you ever wanted to access the usenet without the need to install and set-up a newsreader?

Well here is the answer for you: Easynews!


Easynews offers a unique Webinterface, that allows you to access newsgroups directly in your favorite webbrowser!


Like Usenetserver, Giganews and Newshosting, Easynews is a Tier-1 Usenet provider .


The Webinterface allows you to access the usenet without installing any additional software. You can even use it with your Iphone or Android Smartphone External link.


You can still use a newsreader if you want, of course.

Easynews offers a one of a kind loyalty program. You get free gigs just for being a long term member, filling out a survey or donating unused cpu-time.


Unused gigs are rolled over to the next month, and you can buy an unlimited nntp-addon if you need to download more.


Let's have a look at the Easynews priceplans:


Easynews Classic $9.98
Easynews Plus $14.97
Easynews BigGig $29.94
  • 20 gigs/month with rollover
  • 365 days of web retention
  • 1900 days of NNTP retention
  • 1GB Loyalty
  • 40 gigs/month with rollover
  • 525 days of web retention
  • 1900 days of NNTP retention
  • 2GB Loyalty
  • 150 gigs/month with rollover
  • 1300 days of web retention
  • 1900 days of NNTP retention
  • 12GB Loyalty
  • Unlimited NNTP Included!


In addition to that, Easynews also has a nntp-only priceplan for $9.95 a month which gives you:

  • unlimited usenet downloads
  • 1900 days retention
  • uncensored newsgroups
  • Usenet Servers in U.S. and Europe
  • 20 SSL encrypted connections
  • 14 days 10 GB free Easynews Webaccess trial

Just sign up to Easynews and start browsing the usenet in no time!


  • Server - Information...


General Server:

General Server: news.easynews.com

EU Server: news.eu.easynews.com

US Server: news.us.easynews.com

Ports: 119

If you want to use different ports with Easynews, direct your newsreader to:

General: proxy.news.easynews.com

EU: proxy.news.eu.easynews.com

US: proxy.news.us.easynews.com

Ports: 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 8000 and 8080

SSL Server:

General SSL Server: secure.news.easynews.com

EU SSL Server: secure-eu.news.easynews.com

US SSL Server: secure-us.news.easynews.com

Ports: 21, 22, 23, 25, 53, 80, 110, 119, 443, 563, 8000, and 8080

More info:

SSL Upload : Yes

X-Trace in Header: No


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