Usenet Search Sites / NZB Sites

There are several ways to find things on the usenet.


The "old fashioned" way would be, to download the headers of the diferent newsgroups, and look for yourself.

But, due to the fact that many groups have tons of headers, a full header update can take hours if not days (depending on your connection speed).


There are much faster and easier ways to find the stuff you want!


For example, if you are using Newsleecher with Supersearch you can click on the "Supersearch" tab, and start searching the usenet immediately.

GrabIt offers a similar feature called "GrabIt Usenet Search", and just like Newsleecher's Supersearch you have to pay for this service.



If you are unwilling to do so, you should visit one of the many NZB Indexing Sites.


Here are some of the most popular:




Binsearch External link

Binsearch is something like the grandfather of Usenetsearch.

Their normal searchmode covers the most popular newsgroups around, but you can also search all the other groups they index.

Binsearch's index retention is over 1000 days, so there should be no trouble finding older posts.

As an additional service, Binsearch filters Spam, and marks password protected archives.


Visit Binsearch External link


NZBIndex External link

NZBIndex is another good NZB search site. Their index seems to be a little bit faster, than the one at Binsearch, but their retention is not as long.

Retention through the groups is somewhat around 700 days.

Also their spamfilter is not as good, as the one Binsearch uses.


Visit NZBIndex External link


NZBClub External link

NZBClub also offers you an usenet index with more than 1000 days retention. Their search is easy to use, and delivers what you want.

Additionally you can sign up to their site to get some extra features like changing the theme of the site, save your search history etc etc.


Visit NZBClub External link


Yabsearch External link

Yabsearch seems to use the same indexing engine as NZBIndex. Their search is very simple, but solid and easy to use.


Visit YabSearch External link


If you are using Firefox as your browser, check out the "better usenet" script External link. It allows you to perform cross searches over multiple NZB searchsites, advanced spam filtering and some enhancements to sites like Binsearch, NZBIndex and Mysterbin.


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