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Usenetserver Special Offer

Usenetserver is one of the oldest providers on the market, and has been around for a very long time.


Compared to Newshosting their priceplan structure is a bit simpler.


They basically offer 2 different plans High-Speed (10 connections) for $13.32 and High-Speed-Plus (20 connections) for $15.98.


There is a third priceplan (3 Days for $3) but i never heard of anyone who signed up for this one so let's stay with the 2 above.

Or let's make it even simpler!

Forget about the 3 day plan, cut away the High-Speed plan (the one with the 10 connections), and make the High-Speed-Plus plan cheaper.


That bring's you to our special offer!


You can have the High-Speed-Plus plan for just $10 / month or $95.40 / year (that's only $7.95 a month)!


Here is what you get for your money:

  • RetentionDays Retention
  • unlimited downloads
  • unlimited speed
  • uncensored newsgroups
  • 20 SSL encrypted connections
  • 99% Completion
  • Usenet Servers in North America and Europe


Special Offer: $10 / month or $95.40 / year

Regular price: $17.95 / month or $191.80 / year


If you are not fully convinced yet, i can asure you, that the guys at Usenetserver know what they are doing. I never had any speed or completion issues with them, so belive me, you will not regret signing up!


This is one of the best deals around, so click below, and get your account today!

  • Server - Information...


General Server:

General Server:

Ports: 119, 23, 25, 3128, 8000 & 9000

SSL Server:

General SSL Server:

Ports: 563. 443 & 8080

More info:

SSL Upload : Yes

X-Trace in Header: No




Usenetserver Special


Best yearly offer yearly special

Only offers such a high quality at such a low price!

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