More security with a VPN provider

Are you concerned about your online security? Is your ISP blocking access to various content or is traffic shaping aplied to your line, to slowdown your download?


Well if that's the case you should consider signing up with a VPN Provider.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which basically means your VPN provider provides you with a secure tunnel over their own server.

That way your ip adress as well as your point of origin is not visible to anyone. You can even get an ip adress from another country to gain access to videostreaming services not available in yours!


For those of you, who want to know more about VPN  and the technical background, checking out the Wikipedia article External link is a good start.


But i don't want to get into technical details here right now.

Let's focus on the key question: Which VPN Provider should i choose and why should i do so?


There are a few things to consider, when choosing your VPN provider:

  • the amount of servers
  • the number of ip adresses available
  • the bandwidth
  • the speed
  • the price of course
  • countries to choose from


Here are some providers, which are a good choice:

Although they are relatively new to the market, IPVanish comes from a company you can trust! They have partnered with Newshosting, Easynews and Usentserver!

And $10 a month is one of the lowest prices you can get for such a good service!


Here is an overview of what IPVanish has to offer you: 

  • 3500+ IPS ON 60+ Serversystems IN 28 COUNTRIES
  • use VPN on your mobile phone
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP
  • free VPN software
  • 24/7 support
  • High Speed Connections, Unlimited Bandwidth 


IPVanish has only one price: $10 a month all included, but you can sign up for 1 year and save 46%!!




Giganews / VyprVPN External link


Of course you know, that Giganews Diamond and Platinum accounts include access to the award winning VyprVPN service, but it's also available separately for everyone!


Key features:

  • Servers in the all mayor regions all over the world!
  • over 200.000 IPs on more than 700 serversystems worldwide!VyprVPN External link
  • no traffic limit
  • no speed limit
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, und PPTP
  • proofed Giganews quality, do i need to say more?
  • Prices:

    • regular price for VyprVPN pro $14.99 a month
    • Specal Giganews price for VyprVPN pro, Giganews Diamond & Mimo Newsreader: $29.99


  • big provider with more then 160 servers
  • 30 countries to choose from
  • more then 17,500 ip adresses
  • OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
  • no traffic limit
  • no speed limit



  • 1 month: $11.52
  • 6 months: $50.66 (instead of $69.12)
  • 12 months: $78.66 (instead of $138.24)









  • big provider with a lot of experience, that is on the market since 1995
  • more then 240 servers
  • 19 countries to choose freom
  • more then 7000 ip adresses


StrongVPN has lots of different priceplans to choose from, so listing them all here would make no sense, as you can customize every plan for your needs.

Their prices are starting at $7 a month.




  • 14 countries to choose from
  • kein speed limit


standard: $9,95 per month / $74,95 per year (includes 30 GB Traffic per monthi)

unlimitded: $18 per month / $160 per year (no traffic limit)




Best yearly offer yearly special

Only offers such a high quality at such a low price!

Usenet offer of the Month

Newshosting $9.99 special

Unlimited usenet & a free newsreader for only $9.99?

That's Newshosting! 

Best All-in-one offer

Giganews Best all-in-one offer

World's best Usenet with VyprVPN, MiMo & DumpTruck

only $14.99 the first 3 months!

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