Choosing the right usenet provider for you

Which provider is the right one for you?

That depends on the things you expect from your usenet provider and of course how much money you want to spend.



Do you want to total package with unlimited usenet access, a VPN account for secure surfing and a custom pre-configured newsreader etc. then sign up with Giganews for a Diamond account.

If you prefer an easy to use webinterface and you don't want to install any extra software, Easynews is the provider you want!

For all those who only want unlimited usenet at a bargain price, there is more then one provider. Newshosting, Usenetserver, Easynews, Ngroups, Fast-Usenet, Supernews and Astraweb all offer unlimited accounts at a price between $9,95 and $11,99 a month.



Highwindsmedia Group:

 They are all using the same server farms, so it doen't really matter which of the three you choose. I would prefer Newshosting over the others because they allow 30 simultaneous connections and also give you a free newsreader!




Both providers resell access to the Readnews serverfarms, so speed and completion should be identical.  If you have to choose between those two providers, consider this:

  • Ngrops gives you unlimited online storage for free
  • Fast-Usenet has a usenet webinterface and comes with a custom version of GrabIt at no extra costs!


If you just want to use usenet just from time to time, or if you want to have a backup account in case articles are no longer available at your main provider, get a block-account at Usenet-News, Newsdemon or Astraweb.


Best yearly offer yearly special

Only offers such a high quality at such a low price!

Usenet offer of the Month

Newshosting $9.99 special

Unlimited usenet & a free newsreader for only $9.99?

That's Newshosting! 

Best All-in-one offer

Giganews Best all-in-one offer

World's best Usenet with VyprVPN, MiMo & DumpTruck

only $14.99 the first 3 months!

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